We’ve got nothing to hide. When we form business relationship, you and us are on the same boat, so let’s be honest.


We have been building stuff since 1999 actually. iOS since release 2.0. Done things like Patient Care system for Kidney
Dialysis, Oracle based web application for an oilfield company to manage work that has been done and costs, point of
receipt system fo the beverage container industry for paying customers and keeping tracking of inventory in real-time,
specialized engineering applications for quick reference and sophisticated calculations, innovative picture taking and
video creation management app to improve organization and save people a bunch of time, taking over a legact application
with no documentation and support and migrating it to support the latest linux environment and modernized the code to
make it more secure and modern, etc.

We’re 90% sure we have. We do reserve the remaining 10% for things like flying cars and self-driving spaceships =) Before
starting a project, we’ll hold a meeting with you, so that our business analysts and technical experts can understand how
we can profit you and your project and establish beneficial cooperation. Don’t take our word for it, make sure by yourself.


Only you and your development team have access to the source data and project progress. While developing, we store the
code on a private secure server only you and the dedicated developers have access to. We do not use or share your
sensitive data in any way.

Our routers are firewall-protected, and experienced DevOps keep the internal environment safe. We use Hyper Text
Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for processing data. Promises are best kept when they’re legally bound. That’s why we
do NDAs.


We have experienced design team, skilled in both UX and UI. We can cover both the experience (“I know how to do X, Y, and
Z, after a minute”) and the feel (“looks awesome”) the end users will get. Outline your vision for business, show us
examples of apps you find successful, so we can present you two unique concepts. Then we hold a meeting, where you,
designers, and business analysts have a workshop and define what will meet your business requirements best. After that,
the chosen concept is refined to actionable mockups.

Let’s design the solution they’ll love.


Yes, post-launch maintenance, enhancements, and supports are among our services. Because we’re interested in business
success of each project, we thoroughly test prior to release to be fully-functional and sustainable. We can offer support
services to ensure that the solution will be up-to-date and stable with cutting-edge software and hardware updates.

Level up your existing product.

Business needs

In a nutshell, that’s full cycle software development and support throughout the whole process. We do complex solutions.
From the business opportunity to the full-fledged project, the steps we take typically include market investigation, detailed
description of requirements and acceptance criteria, design, development, testing, release and support.

It is up to you. We encourage you to participate as much as you see needed. We can agree upon the schedule that fits both
you and your team best, so you can get regular daily/weekly updates. That also applies to the tools we use
for communication and project management.

Our QA engineers participate at every stage of the project — from the first day to post-launch support. They not only
assure that the project evolves according to the requirements but test for the business logic to be flawless and the users
feel at ease when using the product.

We add value not erode it. We do not offer on-the-fly perfect estimate that will get your business nowhere. We work by
 lean customer principles, so when you get an estimation, it includes resource optimization and risk assessments. That’s
 why our collaboration always starts from Q&A session: in what ways the project should benefit your business, what tasks
and how your users will complete, what should be in MVP, etc. Depending on the complexity of the project, it can take from
2-3 days up to 1 month for our business analysts, technical leads, and QA to present well-thought detailed description and
estimate of the means and the budget.

A good idea becomes a great profit if you do it right.


Typically, yes (if we’re not talking about experts in making cars fly). Apart from our regular team, we have a large talent pool
 of specialists. Our recruitment team is also worth of notice — they hire professionals timely and efficiently. In addition, ten
 years back we launched a community with courses to learn the most wanted development technologies, work with and
 keep in touch with the graduates.

We are 100% Canadian Owned and Operated! Our core development team is in Grande Prairie, Alberta and Edmonton,